Thursday, March 12, 2009

Poesy Thursday:

Art at the Beach Cottage

Litho-gulls at bottom stair
Should really not be hanging there
With real-life ocean to compare.
Admiring them one must ignore
Actual birds, authentic shore.

And artists working at the pier
Should reconsider vending here
Their subjects so uncomfortably near.
A by-God marlin's never foiled
By reproductions, chalked or oiled.

Take heed you budding young Gaugin,
Transcontinental shipping can
Improve the seascape artisan.
Pack up your inky surfs. Don't stop
Until you've reached a mountaintop.

And decorators oceanside
Remember where your prints reside.
Renounce the framed and matted tide.
Replace it with some still-life grapes
Or better yet, with desert-scapes.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic, dad.