Friday, February 6, 2009

The Doughnut Rebellion, or, V is for Vanilla Creme

The big controversy at my newspaper today is whether we should accept the free donuts sent over by Dunkin this morning to celebrate the opening of a new store downtown.

Management is worried that eating the donuts might...what exactly? Promote the idea that the press is in the pocket of big donut? "Let your conscious be your guide," one high-level editor advised.

When did reporters and editors become such sanctimonious prigs?

The city editor put out the word that none of her people were to eat the evil treats. Fortunately, I'm in features these days. But just for fun I had to stop and wave my "sweet, sweeeeeeet donuts, arrrrrhhhhh.....(drool)" in the face of my former city desk colleagues.

Talk about sweet.

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