Friday, February 6, 2009

This is your cereal company on drugs

Kellogg's has announced it's dropping its endorsement deal with Michael Phelps because the world's greatest athlete was photographed taking a bong hit.
As everyone with the tiniest lick of sense knows, the "War on Drugs" has done far more harm to folks than has illegal drugs, especially marijuana. What Phelps does on his own time, with non-performance enhancing drugs, is nobody's business.
Kellogg's (whose founder was just plain freaky - look up John Harvey Kellogg on Wikipedia) is sending the wrong message to my children. So no more Kellogg's products in the Citizen Nothing household.
I'm gonna really miss the Pop-Tarts.

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Jeff said...

Hypocrisy in government and industry? Some sort of mistake must have occurred.....Most of the comments regarding the sensibility of the Phelps/Kelloggs relationship failed to point towards the fundamental contradiction that escapes most surface-glancers. Maybe if the rodent that sold the photo would have snapped a shot of Phelps snorting powdered sugar instead of relaxing inhibitions, Kelloggs would have made him chairman of their board. Great post Steve....I selfishly wish you still wrote the Metro page article....I rarely buy a Dispatch anymore.