Monday, February 23, 2009

The hate is back.

Back my halcyon days as a shock-and-awe libertarian newspaper columnist, I used to get a plethora of hate mail, some of it quite entertaining.
As a travel writer, a good hate is harder to come by.
But in a recent travel column I admitted to refusing to pay a $6 assigned-seat surcharge on airline tickets for me, my wife and three-year-old twins.
In my defense, I had no idea the plane would actually be full and that every other passenger would be a sucker and pay the surcharge.
Even so, I figured that, if worse came to worse, the airline would accomodate me rather than put one of my hellions next to a stranger. I was right.
Was it an asshole-ish maneuver? Of course. Were the other passengers suckers for paying six bucks? Of course.
Were the suckers, I mean readers, outraged?
You bet!
Would I do it again?
I just might.
Let the glorious hate mail flow.

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